Wheeler Garden Chinese Restaurant

Current address, telephone number, work hours, people's testimonies Wheeler Garden Chinese Restaurant. This company belongs to the following categories: establishment and food. You can find Wheeler Garden Chinese Restaurant at Shop 8 180 South Creek Road, Collaroy, New South Wales 2097.


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Shop 8 180 South Creek Road, Collaroy, New South Wales 2097
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+61 2 9981 3882

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  • Jo Newall
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My family has been going to Wheeler Gardens since they first opened when I was 14 years old. I am now 45 years old and having been carry on the tradition of going to Wheeler Gardens. When my oldest daughter turned 18 we attended Wheeler Gardens with our extended family of 20 people with the banquet meal of $32 per person and $16 per child (4) and had fantastic service and meals and tipped them generously. When my younger daughter just turned 18 I booked 1 month in advance for 19 people again for banquet meals and arranged as before that 4 of those were children under 10 years old so could we have the same arrangement. On 25 July on our arrival we were squished so tightly into three ridiculous tables pushed up by the kitchen, my husband had to sit sideways and hold his bowl, my sister too was placed between two tables of different shapes. There were not enough water glasses nor wine or champagne glasses in the restaurant to accommodate 19 people. When the san chow bow was bought out to the table they only provided us with 17 lettuce leaves as we were only paying half for the kid we were only entitled to 17 lettuce leaves!!! Then when the next course was bought out not only was it 'spot the meat' amongst a plate of onions there was not enough to go around to the amount of people. This continued throughout and then we came to dessert which was fried ice cream - yet again we were provided with only 17! Then when asked if we wanted coffee/tea there were three people after tea so they placed 1 teabag in a pot for three people. My father's coffee cup had a giant crack in it where coffee leaked from it and the fortune cookies they provided again only 17! I am not sure if Wheeler Gardens has changed hands. So much for customer loyalty. My parents personally know them there and my brother worked for them 20+ years ago as a delivery driver. After all these years I will never go back there again. Worst 18th birthday dinner for my poor daughter.
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